Who Can Use it?

Our Mixed Reality Lab houses state-of-the-art technology that creates immersive, mixed-reality environments for participants to practice and master skills in the form of virtual simulation. Our lab is a resource that can support implementation of new initiatives as providing targeted professional learning opportunities and support to local school districts and businesses.

Below is a list of professionals who can benefits from mixed-reality simulations:

Preservice Teachers

  • Purposely practice evidence-based teaching culturally relevant pedagogy.
  • Learn effective behavior management strategies.

PK-12 Teachers

  • Navigate difficult content and conversations.
  • Engage in Parent/Teacher Conferences and IEP meetings.

Faculty and Staff

  • Practice teacher evaluations.
  • Navigate conversations with co-teachers and/or staff.
  • Provide developmental feedback.

Other Uses

Leaders and Administrators

  • Improve communication skills with colleagues.
  • Create team trust.
  • Promote group problem solving & employee engagement.
  • Provide actionable feedback.

District Personnel

  • Engage workforce ready activities.
  • Create a culture of care.
  • Practice conflict management.


  • Practice Social/Emotional Regulation.
  • Promote problem-solving skills.
  • Create a trusting environment.

HR Personnel

  • Practice conflict resolution, salary negotiations, change management, recruitment strategies. 
  • Increase active listening.