Our Stories

About BranchED

Learn about the Transformation Center journey from North Carolina A&T leaders and teachers.

Insights From Past Summits

Since 2017, BranchED has offered a variety of professional learning experiences and resources for our growing community of Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs). This includes in-person summits, institutes, and convening for individual skill building, networking and collaboration, and planning and execution.

In 2018, we launched our inaugural Transformation Center Cohort.

BranchED believes that learning should be fun, so our Summits, Institutes, and Convenings are engaging, hands on, and full-bodied experience.

What our participants say about our experiences

“I used to think we were the only ones who struggled with data. Now I know we have support, can ask questions, and have a sounding board to help us move forward.”
“I thought the work ahead wasn’t achievable and that we were on an island by ourselves. Now we’re empowered, with resources and friends to call upon.”
“It seemed as if all roads to CAEP (accreditation) were blocked. Now, I feel empowered to build bridges to get from where we are to that critical end point.”