Our Approach

BranchED is the hub of a national network of educator preparation programs at MSI’s.

We provide practical technical assistance to advance institutional outcomes, foster strategic alliances to spur collaboration and innovation, and amplify the unique contributions of Minority Serving Institutions in preparing teachers who will educate America’s citizens. Explore our approach in greater detail below.


Working Together to Strengthen and Grow MSI Educator Preparation Programs
by Providing Capacity Building Support That Enhances MSI Capabilities

BranchED maximizes the capacity of Minority Serving Institutions to deliver high quality educator preparation. We identify and support what is working well and strengthen program weaknesses to drive continuous quality improvement and ensure program sustainability.

Using an asset-based approach, MSI educator preparation programs work with BranchED coaches to create personalized plans that build on program strengths, fill gaps, and lead to positive outcomes in preparing diverse educators to meet the needs of all children.

Our support services include:

  • Training
  • On-demand technical assistance
  • Performance-based coaching
  • Access to resources


Strengthening Relationships Among Minority Serving Institutions
by Building Partnerships to Spur Collaboration and Innovation

BranchED builds community and fosters strategic partnerships to solve shared problems, explore common interests, and support one another.

We facilitate in-person and virtual opportunities to ensure that MSI educator preparation programs meaningfully engage with and learn from both each other and from key partners, such as K-12 institutions and community organizations.

BranchED connects MSI’s by creating space to learn from one another by facilitating:

  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Information sharing
  • Collaborative projects


Amplifying a Collective Voice and Advocating for Shared Interests
by Promoting Awareness of Educator Diversity and Championing MSIs

BranchED works to ensure that MSIs have a leading voice in the national conversation about the quality preparation of diverse educators who are effective in increasing the achievement of all learners.

We build awareness about the critical role MSIs play in preparing highly effective diverse teachers, and we seek to amplify the collective expertise of MSIs as a means for advancing the field of educator preparation.

We promote awareness of the essential contributions of MSIs through:

  • A common quality agenda
  • Dissemination of best practices
  • Leadership activation