What We Do

Our Approach

BranchED is the only non-profit organization in the country dedicated to strengthening, growing, and amplifying the impact of educator preparation at Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), with the longer-range goals of both diversifying the teaching profession and intentionally addressing critical issues of educational equity for all students.

Our vision is for all students to have access to diverse, highly effective educators.

Our goal is to maximize the capacity of MSIs to deliver high-quality educator preparation by identifying and supporting what is working well and strengthening program weaknesses to drive continuous quality improvement and ensure program sustainability.

We provide practical training and technical assistance to advance institutional outcomes. We foster strategic alliances and provide catalytic funds to spur collaboration and innovation. We amplify the unique contributions of Minority Serving Institutions in preparing teachers who will educate America’s citizens. We work to ensure that MSIs have a leading voice in the national conversation about the quality preparation of diverse educators who are effective in increasing the achievement of all learners.

Framework for the Quality Preparation of Educators

The Framework for the Quality Preparation of Educators outlines a roadmap to create teacher preparation programs that meet the needs of our increasingly diverse student body. It seeks to build equity-oriented educator preparation programs that prepare educators to reflect, respect, and reify the value of the diversity of America’s PK12 school children.

Through the Framework, BranchED seeks to redefine the set of characteristics used to shape high-quality educator preparation programs. The Framework identifies six critical focus areas that teacher preparation providers can leverage to redesign their programs.

This Framework connects research findings, promising institutional practices, and context-rich approaches that, to date, have not been systematically integrated into the standards and expectations that drive teacher education programs.

Differentiated Support Model

Meeting Providers Where They Are

BranchED provides practical technical assistance to advance institutional outcomes, foster strategic alliances to spur collaboration and innovation, and amplify the unique contributions of MSIs in preparing teachers who will educate America’s citizens.

BranchED champions a differentiated support model that meets providers where they are. Like scaffolding, BranchED seeks to provide multiple levels of support that build upon what EPPs already know and do to arrive at something they do not know and/or are eager to address in innovative ways. BranchED’s Differentiated Support Model is much like a pyramid that is divided into four sections. Each section represents a strategy for engaging MSI EPPs in program improvement activities and represents the degree of generality/specificity of topics to be addressed.

Our model includes:

  • Evidence-Based Resources and Consultation – Knowledge is disseminated through an online community, webinars featuring experts, and private consultations, with the aim of educating participants and changing behaviors through sharing best-practices.
  • Shared Learning Events and Collaboratives – Teams of education preparation providers come together for training, to share lessons and best practices, evaluate performance, and work individually and collaboratively to implement changes over.
  • Data Feedback & Benchmarking – Critical Friend Site Visits are conducted and contextualized feedback is shared to provide motivation and direction for quality enhancement goals, help identify assets and opportunities for improvement, and to assist providers to track changes in performance over time.
  • Performance-Based Coaching Support – Individualized supportive services are provided with the goal of building internal capacity for continuous improvement activities and program redesign and transformation.

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