Expanding Our Reach

Starting in 2022, BranchED has expanded its definition of its Core Community in order to shift from a singular focus on MSIs to a systems approach. This new definition enables BranchED to serve a wider pool of institutions who are committed to its vision and mission, but who may not meet the criteria for federal designations.

BranchED’s expanding Educator Preparation Provider community now also includes:

Higher Education Institutions whose undergraduate or graduate enrollment consists of 50% or more Students of Color
School Districts that are co-located in MSI states
School districts whose PK-12 student body consists of 75% or more Students of Color

Defining Our PK-12 Core Community

Minority Serving Institutions are key to closing the educator diversity gap in America’s schools.

BranchED recognizes that we ultimately serve the PK -12 student body – and that we do so by supporting the development of high-quality EPPs, providing professional development and resources, and by strengthening collaborations and partnerships that build bridges between PK12 and higher education.

BranchED remains committed to acting in the interest s of Students of Color and of those experiencing poverty. Our Core Community School Districts have the greatest need for highly effective diverse educators, given the makeup of their student populations. By extension, BranchED has the greatest opportunity for reach and impact by transforming the preparation of teachers who will serve and establish long careers in Core Community school districts.